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Long time no see.

This blog have been a little slow lately but there is a reason of course. I have been working on the new game and Opensim servers. I have also made a lot of changes in Second life and introduced a new fashion label and i am doing a total remake of all the websites.

I often just fall apart when its time to go to bed. No time to write.

I have started to use Joomla and Virtuemart. And now i have three Wordpress blogs. It takes some time to learn how to edit and work with the software.

On the Opensim grid i have started to use virtualized Opensuse servers both with Xen and Virtualbox. Its a work in progress.

And on top of all this i have been moving and rebuilding my RL studio.

Its all fun and i am learning a lot of new stuff.

All i can say is the work continues.

I be back.

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