Last year i started building an new server.

Now it is ready and it is working. But now i think about optimization.

My first thought was to use the RaspberryPI . But after some reading I found that it is really not up to run Opensim. I checked out cheap motherboards with processors. You can get them almost as cheap as a RaspberryPI.

Finally I got some old AMD 64bit motherboards and started building. OpenSUSE 12.2 and some switches and solder in some cool switches. It is noisy but it works. 

Now i want to se if i can build a very small Linux in OpenSUSE studio and run it under XEN. I also want to use MariaDB insteed of MySQL.

Right now it runs a grid of 4 islands and i run the rest on some new workstations. I want all of my developer grid island on the server. Next step must be some kind of server that optimize the network connections and it is not very good as it draws to much power. Not green at all.

If i can push down the cost for a sim to 100$ a Opensim grid starts to be good economics.

I need some extra software as i also use it as a renderfarm for 3D pictures but disk space is cheap these days.
As always the work continues.

Oh yes. I have solved my back problem with a new super chair.

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