I have been running servers for several years but I get more and more tired of battling spam and intrusions from east and china. I am thinking about pulling down the OSgrid and webservers. Mail is already offline. It is time to clean up the internet. I have had thousands of people trying to get in to my computers for more than 20 years. Most of them from China. Or so the logs say. maybe they are just idiots.

It is so much now I am thinking of pulling the development network offline and only open for updates.

I do not understand why we cannot have a network where servers have to have someone actually responsible for what they do on the web. Or a blacklist system. You have to stand up for what you do in real life why not on the internet.

People abusing each other not being responsible for what the say. Never in real life. Why on the internet??

Internet the communication network for cowards. No more hiding behind your IP. It is time for the web to grow up.