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I am the site boss. If anything breaks contact me.

It is kind of sad but we have to change the license agreement from Creative commons to a commercial license. It is our insurence company that want it so thats the way to go. I hope you still will download and use our software and graphics.

I am working on some changes for the new downloads. I am sorry to say that we are leaving the Creative commons license for some of the new downloads. And a new EULA is coming.


And stuff will be downloadable and usable for US and Canada but but you may not use it. Our insurence company tells us we cant sell stuff in north america. So looking for a partner company for the US. To many lawyers.


I do some work on the website then i will concentrate at getting all the half ready OARs ready. Thats something positive.


The first steps in getting the 2worlds2go network website up and running again is on its way. THere are still a lot of things to do but it slowly is taking its shape. A new cleaner template and i have some texts to write. Starting over tomorrow.

The total website needed some work. I have been on vacation and something must have gone wrong or some hacking.


It is updated and the download are is up again.

We have a new catchpa module that we are going to try out. It is a jigsaw game and maybe it works better than the old one.

We also have changed accounts. If a account is idle it will be deleted after 6 months.

Unconfirmed a day and never logged in a week. This happens on automatic so do not feel like we do not like you.


I do not see any problem as you always can get a new account if you need it.


Downloads are open again. Lets see how it works.