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Site administrator

I am the site boss. If anything breaks contact me.

OpenSUSE leap 42.1 have a issue with latest mono. So by downgrading Mono to 3.6 we now can have the servers up all the time and they do not shut down inside of 24 hours.


Helps a lot when you admin the servers.


We also have a dedicated server on the web for the main 9 islands.

The airport OAR is updated some errors ironed out and a new building. Enjoy.


Update 1.4

New control tower and missing road texture in place.

Website updated now all downloads should point in the right direction. Some old links removed. Nilsart gallery is no more in Second life. May be back later for direct downloads in world. We have to see.


Working on a new site for Flight simulation stuff but have no name. Trying to find a good one.

More problems to come i guess.




Just got this site up again. Some exciting new research coming.

The new update of the servers have had some problems. Still thinking about how to solve it, So it goes up and down all the time. Hope to fix it eventually.