Digital kittens AB

Digital design.

Site administrator

I am the site boss. If anything breaks contact me.

We are down. Phones and mail but this webpage still works for messages.

It will be like this for a while until the new networks are working.

The 2worlds2go grid does not really work. There will be a lot up and down so nice it is summer.

We often do not send out any messages but after a platform change we have noticed that the downloads looked as they where working but did not. Nobody got the files they asked for. So if you have tried to download the last months?

We have now made the changes as needed and downloads work again.

Welcome to download the files. We have nulled out your requests. So you can download again.

Web team.

We are now owned by Digital Kittens AB in Sweden. Some big hope that we will be more Kittens and can do more stuff in VR. The website will be the same and also the Hypergrid will continue to work as before.

Disclaimer. We will move some servers so there can be some disrupt on the  Opensim grid..,. Sorry.

But on the bright side we get a new High Fidelity sandbox. That will be fun.


All in all a nice day.

We are closing down the forum. Nobody is using it anyway and it is a spam magnet.

Looking in to other ways to do user support.

Some changes. Finally.

The web site should now work on your phone  and in the next day we are moving over to SSL to make it more secure.

We have decided to get rid of the names in registration. Nobody use them anyway and if anybody wants to they can edit their profile. More slimeline registration process for downloads.

Some of the menus will look strange on desktop but we are leaving the drop down thing.

Happy surfing.