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When i am inworld i use my Oculus rift so if i do not answer the chat it is because i cant see my keyboard. Try voice.


Exploring all the cool new builds Linden builders have done. This see scape really looks good. Thinking about doing some copy's for our Opensim grid. Really nice.


It is on a sad subject. But it is good. Food for thought.


This is a really cool build. You really feel like you are in a episode of Miami vice. Taking a break from exploring at the beach for a while.

Happy about my VR rig when I can visit places like this.


Very nice a liked it. Go and see. SL is still the best for art projects.



Today I visited a sim with a lot of static people. Really nice models. My ava looked weird. I really makes the sim more alive even if the models are static. I think virtual reality needs more models moving around sitting and eating and so much more, All the empty sims really look old and dated. This could be the future. The end of all of these lifeless sims and maybe more Westworld.