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Hypergrid travelleling reporter and photographer for art space Magazine. VATSIM pilot and IVAO Tower controller. Building my own simulator.

It is not always glamourous but someone have to do it. Trucking in snow and somewhat alone. Not many to honk at in multiplayer.

But fun.

Always nice to drive again. ETS2 multiplayer.

When i where a lot younger than today i actually did drive trucks in RL. Big ones. But then life went another way.


I thing that is the reason i really love ETS2. On my way to Kiel in my Scania.

Very nice to visit in VR headset. Good frame rate and nice to do a walkabout. Aways nice to visit a new exhibition by Cica.



Started some work on the simulator with my Arduino. Trying to figure out how to best make displays for the autopilot and radios. Experimenting.