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How would i ever find new artists?

At the Two Shores gallery annex secondlife/Magna%20Carta/207/ 19/31 i found Xirana Oximoxi. The flower paintings a really good and a nice thing to go and see. I really happy about the opportunity to walk around Second life to find new artists.

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Hypergrid travelleling reporter and photographer for art space Magazine. VATSIM pilot and IVAO Tower controller. Building my own simulator.

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memeArt space magazine for virtual art and design on the web in virtual worlds. There are many spaces out on the web where artists create their new version of the hypergrid. Virtual spaces with a new look on art and new tech. Headsets as the Oculus is changing the way to experience art. Everywhere there are new and exciting designers and artists. We follow.


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19 September 2020

Content for virtual worlds and simulation.
  • Sometimes you just find a gem.

    Found this one on Steam early access. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It is not a game or anything else either. But it is fun to see where it is going from here. I just love these little guys.

  • Bryn OH and creatures.

    Something to go and see in Second life. One of my fav 3D artists. I really would like to use all the strange creatures in a game or something. They are a art project in them self. There are many of them and they are all a little bit strange as it should be.

  • #Townscaper a nice little builder.

    Found this little piece of software on Steam early access. Could be a nice tool one day. I wish it would be this easy to build environments for VR or games.And fun. Playing around with it.

    It is done by Oskar Stålberg @OskSta on Twitter.

  • VorpX X not working with Second life and Opensim anymore.

    Sorry to say the new VorpX update broke all viewers. I have had a great time visiting VR worlds with VorpX but not anymore. Well I have a not updated VorpX so I can still use it. But there is no reason to put out any money for the VorpX if you are in SL or Opensim. It was a good run and now I have to wait for VR compatible viewer to come along.

    Sorry to say for these worlds a great in VR.

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