I made this airport for fs2002 and a time when screens was 15 and low resolution. The graphics on the buildings are not up to todays standards but i use the airport myself. It works very well even today. I recently found the package files and even the development directory so if i have a few days over i can upgrade the buildings. No promises. I am going to put the download files on the website. Maybe someone have a use for a airport.

from the creator


These files are not abandone. 2worlds2go are now the keepers of the airports and the source,


Original package text

Gardemoen airport (Oslo)

ENGM for FS2002 and FS 2004

Gardemoen airport build from scratch after a airport drawing and a few pictures. Unfortunately i have never been to Gardemoen my self but i like flying from it to Swedish airports.

I have taken a away some detail and gates to make it run on slower machines and i have also made the gates somewhat bigger so they will work on machine with lesser screen resolution.

Cargo area

    The package
  •  New textures. Night and day, Winter objects.
  •  AFCAD file.
  •  Dynamic scenery.
  •  Animated cargo vehicles.
  •  FS scenery enhancer file.
  •  Signs.
  •  UsD Cargo support.
  •  Airport doc as a pdf file.

From east

There are a few extra night lights.

FS scenery enhancer.

The FS scenery enhancer file from Lago fills the airport with a lot of extra stuff. Especially around the cargo areas. Whiteout it the cargo vehicles are loading into the air.


You need a fast computer to run the airport with everything on. I have a 2.7 and it runs good. But you can select your own complexity setting. You have to experiment.